Discover Venice with a gondola ride
"The black gondola, slender, and the way it moves, light, without any noise, it is something strange, it has the beauty of a dream and is an integral part of the city of idleness, love and music"

Hermann Hesse
The "Meta Gondola"
Tradition and a glimpse at the future, while history echoes in the most dreamy of visions. Here is the essence of the ambitious project that will link the artist Marco Papa to the celebration of the Redeemer's Day 2017 (in Italian, the Redentore Feast/Celebrations). The fascinating "Varo Meta Gondola Fisica Redentore" event is foreseen today: the most typical Venetian craft transposed into a futuristic carbon fiber by the author and placed on a large barge, will be visited by the audience gathered in the San Marco basin from 16 to 18.30 and then, via a rope, dropped into the waters in front of Piazza San Marco. Black and shining in the lagoon, the Meta Gondola is a sculpture that commands the original single-gondola commissioned around 1605 by the Senate of the Serenissima on the basis of a chromatic choice that had nothing to do with a mourning symbol but that, On the contrary, exalted the achievement of the perfect and minimal elegance of the artisans of the island. Papa's work will then be placed on a floating pad made of Istria stone, thus recovering with a critical spirit also the canonical perspective of the souvenir. A sculpture rich in interlaced meanings that does not even give way to the horizon of human portraiture: inside the gondola will be placed the "Sitting Works", a bronze sculpture recalling the famous thinker of Auguste Rodin where 'Alighieri's original profile will be replaced by Mike Tyson's rough features. "This installation is part of the second act by the broadest creative experience" Trilogy On The Verge", an investigation of man and its limits, explained the artist, the first act, launched in 1999, titled" Dancing On the Verge ", was focused on actor Gene Anthony Ray, who celebrities from the TV series "Famous" became a clochard. The second, "Fighting On The Verge", revolves around Tyson, with whom there is a collaboration that will bring him in the future right here in Italy during the traveling exhibition of the Meta Gondola.

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